Thursday, 2 June 2011

Help us build a Sanctuary

We are sure you are aware of the horrific new law that is about to be implemented in Romania,where all strays will legally be able to be abused and killed. Nothing new there you might think,this is exactly what is happening now,but the difference is,we and others wont be able to prosecute the abusers under the animal cruelty act. Also part of the new law encourages people to inform the authorities of any private person who has a dog/dogs in their home and if the informant neighbour doesn't agree to that person having dogs,the animals will be dragged away, controlled by iron bars,fists and feet.

This means the wonderful and caring individuals who look after rescued dogs, who even now sometimes have to hide these animals away from other members of the public and the dog catchers, are at risk of being found and the animals they are caring for forcibly taken from them and beaten to death!

Dog killing is big business in Romania,for every dog killed, no matter how brutal the Dog catchers or members of the public will get paid for taking that dogs life. Now rather than relying solely on our network of carers,we have no choice but to put plans into action and buy or rent private land, build a holding shelter, register the shelter with the regions town hall, and then..and only then will our rescued dogs be safe. The kind hearted and wonderful individuals who currently are living their lives in fear but putting the dogs safety before there own will be volunteers at the shelter, and do what they do best....Care for those dogs until the time comes each dog can be transported to safety, out of Romania.

The cost of this is immense,but so is the very real genocide of the dogs in Romania,  To buy the land,build the shelters, add basic amenities such as wells and so on has been estimated at approximately £110,000. Once the holding shelter is built and up and running, other organisations will be allocated space to store their rescued dogs and cats with us. The basic fees they will pay, will all go back into the running of the shelter, and in turn will allow us to help even more animals.

Again this appeal as with others of ours,will be fully documented, and as we reach nearer our goal, and everything falls into place, you will see where your donations have been spent, we want to share with you what good can be done, what animals would have been saved with your help. This is not just about our charity and what is able to accomplish, this about how by kind and generous people like yourselves what can be accomplished.


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